Gwepa Studio


Gwepa.. Gwepa.. Gwepaaaaa..

Gwepa is an exclamation of joy, often heard in Colombia, Venezuela and other parts of Latin America. Shout out Gwepa and make sure you remember it.

Gwepa is a modern and creative visual production company. We generate noteworthy ideas while delivering captivating images and film that provide an engaging visual experience for our clients and their customers. From concept to finalisation, we entertain and educate the audience by essentially branding and promoting Latin events, dance concepts and performers, striving to set the standard for professional visual production in the world of Latin dance.

Gwepa Video

by Bachata Passion
Lo Dice La Gente
by Nuno & Vanda
One Love
by TC Dance Company
El Diablito
by Tim & Zunaira
Modern Salsa Fusion
by Mistura Movement
by Gwepa Featured Event
Salsa Breeze
by Gwepa Productions
Dutch Finest 2015
by Gwepa
Kizomba Lounge promo 2016

Gwepa Visual