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Selwin first explored music before he got into dance. Sports and music were always present throughout his youth. He was triggered by all kinds of music styles such as Latin, soul but also oriental and Asian music. He started playing flute at a young age. From flute he went to keyboard and finally he started playing Arabic percussion and guitar. His first performance was when he was 16 years old playing and Darbuka/Tablah on different stages. Because of his passion of making music he also got into contact with Latin dances such as mambo, cha cha, bachata and Kizomba. After a period he started to dance Kizomba and met Suleika, his dance partner. Together they started Mistura Movement.


Selwin sees Dance as a way for a person to express himself/herself by using the body as a tool. Being conscious about that makes a person conscious about himself/herself. Energy and discipline are also very important for him. The goal of Selwin is to teach you explore yourself and your environment, mentally & physicially, through dance.